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Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that, by using mechanical force and movements, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, prognosis, and physical intervention. It is performed by physical therapists (known as physiotherapists in many countries).

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    Our Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions, maximize movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments.
  • effective team work

    Any person is able to work in a team, but effective teamwork is the true key to productivity. When comparing a dysfunctional team to a team which works well together, the results indicate that there are several factors which influence the success.
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    Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Regains Original Capabilities

Physical therapy has been very effective throughout the years for many patients. And with continued treatment under the supervision of an expert physical therapist, it is possible for the patient to regain a majority of their original function or make a complete recovery. In addition, physical therapy is great for helping significantly improve the overall fitness and health of the patient.

Shortens Recovery Time

Recovery time can be shortened with the help of physical therapy, which is top priority on many patients' lists. Injuries involving a muscle, ligament or joint can cause that part of the body to get stiff and immobile and without proper exercise it could take a long time to regain full mobility in the afflicted area. As each patient gets accustomed to their workouts, they will become easier to do and they will start to see their strength begin to increase and overall health begin to improve.

Making Healthy Life

Physical therapists work with a wide range of people to optimise their physical activity, from elite athletes to older people seeking to remain active as they age.The health benefits of physical activity include primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, specific cancers, osteoporosis. Stress can be a primary or secondary contributor to ill health. Exercise may improve mental health by helping the brain cope better with stress. There is strong evidence that exercise has an effect on depression.