Manual Physiotherapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy delivered with the hands and is used in conjunction with conventional physiotherapy.

Manual therapists use their hands to mobilize and manipulate joints and soft tissue. University-trained physiotherapists who have taken an extensive series of post-graduate courses provide manual therapy.

Manual therapy is helpful for the treatment of joints and muscles that lack adequate mobility and range of motion. This limitation can cause discomfort, pain, and an alteration in function, posture, and mobility. Manual physiotherapy involves restoring normal mobility and biomechanics. The restoration of normal mobility through manual physiotherapy helps provide relief for acute, sub-acute and chronic pain conditions.

Research has proven that manual therapy, in combination with other more traditional physiotherapy treatments, provides the most effective treatment.


   Myofascial Release

   joint mobilization

   spinal manipulation with mobilization

   positional release therapy


   combined movement therapy

   Trigger Point Release

   Eccentric Stretching

   Muscle Energy Technique

   Mckenzie Spinal Mobilization

   Mulligan Joint Mobilisation